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'Shining Cuckoo' Print

  • 'Shining Cuckoo' Print
  • 'Shining Cuckoo' Print
  • 'Shining Cuckoo' Print

From the original acrylic on 750mm round panel artwork 'Shining Cuckoo' 2014 by Anna Priluka.

Dimensions 420mm x 297mm (a3 size) or 297 x 297mm (square)

- This work was inspired by a beautiful photo of a Grey warbler feeding its much larger cuckoo chick by photographer Malcolm Pullman ( They are surrounded by the endemic tree taraire (Beilschmiedia tarairi ), bamboo orchid (Earina mucronata), native cicadas and hibiscus.
Shining cuckoos/Pipiwharauroa (Chrysococcyx lucidus) migrate to New Zealand every summer from their winter homes in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands to breed. Like many cuckoos, they are 'brood parasites', laying their eggs in the nest of other native birds who then rear the resulting chick as though it were their own. Their most common host is the diminutive endemic grey warbler/riroriro (Gerygone igata), which is common throughout New Zealand. Grey warblers are small and elusive birds easily recognised by their distinctive song -

Open edition.
All prints have excellent archival properties and are printed in Nelson, New Zealand on 300gsm, 100% post consumer waste recycled stock. Please be aware that because the prints are made with recycled stock, very tiny flecks may be present on some of the paper. I enjoy the natural look this gives and feel it is much preferable to printing on paper made from old-growth forest pulp!
Each is individually signed and monogrammed and comes with a thick board backing, information blurb on rear and enclosed in a 'cellophane' bag for protection. Shipped flat in recycled cardboard packaging.

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