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'Otago Skink' Print

  • 'Otago Skink' Print
  • 'Otago Skink' Print

High quality A4 print.
Dimensions 297mm x 210mm.
From the original watercolour and ink on paper painting 'Otago Skink' 2019 by Anna Priluka.

- The Otago Skink (Oligosoma otagense) and the Grand Skink (Oligosoma grande) are New Zealand's largest lizard species. Both inhabit rocky crevasses in cold upland areas, and are patterned to mirror the lichen covered rocks on which they bask in the sun during the day. They feed on insects and berries and give birth to live young.
Originally found throughout Central Otago, predation by introduced cats, stoats, ferrets and weasels means that they are now critically endangered, each with a population of around 2000 individuals.
This skink is surrounded by an abundance of native alpine plants and lichens, including a native mistletoe (Korthalsella sp.) and broom (Carmichaelia sp.) -

Open edition.
All prints have excellent archival properties and are printed in Nelson, New Zealand on 300gsm, 100% post consumer waste recycled stock. Please be aware that because the prints are made with recycled stock, very tiny flecks may be present on some of the paper. I enjoy the natural look this gives and feel it is much preferable to printing on paper made from old-growth forest pulp!
Each is individually signed and monogrammed and comes with a thick board backing, information blurb on rear and enclosed in a 'cellophane' bag for protection. Shipped flat in recycled cardboard packaging.

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