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'Alpine' - Print

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  • 'Alpine' - Print
  • 'Alpine' - Print
  • 'Alpine' - Print

Print dimensions 297 x 297mm or with mat 420 x 420mm
From the original acrylic on 300 x 300mm panel painting - 'Alpine' 2019 by Anna Priluka.

- I have always been drawn to the tiny worlds that cover the cold high places of New Zealands alpine areas. They are forests in miniature, communities made up of extremely hardy yet diminutive plants, mosses and lichens. They huddle together to shelter from the wind, forming diverse mats full of tiny berries and flowers. Though stylised, this painting shows many of our native alpine plants including gentians, alpine daisies (Celmisia sp.) forget-me-nots (Myosotis sp.) and vegetable sheep (Raoulia sp.). Like it's partner 'Forest Floor', this print has no orientation – as I painted it I envisioned looking down onto an alpine herb field from above, so it can be displayed any way up :) -

Open edition.
Printed in Nelson, New Zealand on 300gsm, 100% post consumer waste recycled stock. Please be aware that because the prints are made with recycled stock, very tiny flecks may be present on some of the paper. I enjoy the natural look this gives and feel it is much preferable to printing on paper made from old-growth forest pulp!
Each is individually signed and monogrammed and comes with a thick board backing, information blurb on rear and enclosed in a 'cellophane' bag for protection. Shipped flat in recycled cardboard packaging.

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